25th KOO P Dev Notes (27 October 2020)

Before we realized, it is already the 2nd half of October, and 2020 is almost coming to an end in 2 more months.

It seems that it was just yesterday that we were preparing for the New Year's update at the beginning of the year.

We looked back on how much did we implemented the promised content at the start of the game in 2019, and how much effort we have put in to implement feedback we have gotten through the players. We fill that our efforts in communication were insufficient and can be worked on.

In this Dev Note, we will not be telling you what we have planned for future update, but to fill you in on the direction of the future update, which aims to prioritize reflect feedback that we've gotten from players.

1. Regarding Acquisition of Equipment and Enhancement

In Grand Cross, in addition to character level, you can further raise the stats of the character by powering up equipment.

We believe that many players are burdened with enhancing equipment.

In particular, since the equipment enhancement materials are distributed throughout different content, it is hard to obtain certain items that you want to get, and thus making the equipment enhancement process stagnant.

We have tried to contuniously provide players with the materials needed via different event rewards, however, the materials needed differ from player to player. Therefore, fundamental improvement to this will be necessary to tackle the problem.

As for what we would like to do in the future, we would want to "make it easy to obtain the equipment you want" and "obtain the enhancement material first".

We have decided that future equipment related QOL updates will be focused on reducing the burden of obtaining the equipement and enhancement material, so that you can focus on collecting and training the character.

Firstly, we would like to change it in a way such that you will be able to use anvils to reroll the base stats of the equipment. This will hopefully reduce the burden of trying to get a better stats on the equipment.

Then, we also would like to have it such that you will be able to obtain your desired piece of equipment via existing content rewards, and equipment that's already partially enhanced. You will also be able to obtain enhancement material in Fort Solgares and Battle Event in the future.

This part is closely related to the purpose of future content improvement, which I will touch on later.

2. Content's Play Efficiency and Convenience

We plan to completely overhaul the correct Fort Solgares, which is the existing source of character training material.

During release, Fort Solgares was supposed to be a content to facilitate growth, however the value of the materials dropped have deteriorated over time as the service continues.

We plan to combine all the dungeons, which are currently divided according to the reward type, into one single dungeon where you can earn all the rewards at once, this way, it will be more AP efficient.

In addition, we also plan to add rewards to the dungeon so that you can earn equipment enhancement materials.

Battle Event that are currently having low play rate will also be modified in a way such that you will be able to obtain equipment in a fixed manner.

The Battle Event stages will use other consumable to open, and you can repeatedly farm it for a certain amount of time. It will be presented as a separate dungeon.

We also plan to change Training Grotto, which was reported to be inconvenient and we recevied a lot of feedback. It will be improved to be something that's fun to fight, and allows training at the same time, instead of an essential content that you are forced to play.

The improvement to Training Grotto will be done after the updates to Fort Solgares and Battle Event.

3. Expansion of Content Participation

Knighthood Boss Battle is a content that require players to strategies the team and beat the boss, and obtain high scores to earn rewards.

However, players who have not joined any Knighthoods will not be able to participate in the content.

We are preparing content that all players will be able to enjoy, regardless of whether the player has joined a Knighthood.

As a solution to this problem, the Dev team tried to provide players with more GSSR tickets and giving Super Awakening coins whenever possible.

In addition, the seasonal rules will remain the same, and you can also fight the non-seasonal bosses.

The newly expanded Knighthood Boss Battle will also allow you to acquired your desired set of equipment, please look forward to that.

We are also taking players' opinion into consideration and plan to expand the participation limit of Knighthood War.

4. New and Returning Player Level Up Support

As the content increases, new and returning players might have trouble to keep up, therefore capping the fun and satisfaction from gameplay since only limited contents can be played.

In addition to providing level up support via events, we also plan to provide opportunities to obtain already trained characters on banners, to help to reduce the burden of training on the players.

Furthermore, we also plan to adjust the difficulty of main story chapters, which has been getting more and more difficult, to allow players to enjoy the story.

Also, as a reward for clearing the main chapter, we will add in characters that will be necessary for content play so that new and returning players can also enjoy the game.

For players who have already cleared the chapter, we also have additional rewards planned.

5. Improvement to Brawl

Brawl was a newly added PVP content, but there were many irrational points to the rule, we have gathered many feedback and are working on the improvement.

Firstly, the attackable list of opponents will be refreshed automatically, so you will not encounter the problem of attacking opponents who have much higher ranks than you.

We also plan to introduce a purchasable special ticket to increase the number of plays possible.

We are also developing AI that allows direct player customization.

We hope that this feature will lead to more interesting Brawl matches.

The AI function is aimed to be released by the end of 2020.

In this Dev Note, we have introduced to you the various content improvement plans that is scheduled by the end of 2020.

Compared to the opinions voiced by players, we still think that these are insufficient, but we will definitely try our best to continue provide better content and listen to the player feedback.

We looked back on how much did we implemented the promised content at the start of the game in 2019, and how much effort we have put in to implement feedback we have gotten through the players. We fill that our efforts in communication were insufficient and can be worked on.

The next Dev Note will be on new contents that we have been preparing and the direction of the game system.

We seek your continued support!