Holy Knight Guila

Basic Info


Unit Rating


Level 1 Base Stats
Combat Class/CP 2531
Attack 320
Defense 140
HP 3270
Pierce Rate 15%
Resistance 20%
Regeneration 0%
Crit Chance 20%
Crit Damage 160%
Crit Resistance 10%
Crit Defense 25%
Recovery Rate 100%
Lifesteal 0%
Level 80 ★6 6/6 Stats
Combat Class/CP 20414
Attack 4474
Defense 2258
HP 50350
Pierce Rate 18%
Resistance 23%
Regeneration 3%
Crit Chance 22%
Crit Damage 165%
Crit Resistance 12%
Crit Defense 30%
Recovery Rate 104.5%
Lifesteal 3%

Associated with


Flame Focus | フレイムフォーカス
Rank 1 Inflicts damage equal to 80% of Attack on all enemies. Ignites for 3 turn(s). Debuff
Rank 2 Inflicts damage equal to 120% of Attack on all enemies. Ignites for 4 turn(s). Debuff
Rank 3 Inflicts damage equal to 200% of Attack on all enemies. Applies 2 Ignite effects for 5 turn(s). Debuff
Rejuvenation | リジュブネーション "超浄化術"
Rank 1 Removes Debuffs from all allies. Recovery
Rank 2 Heals diminished HP of all allies by 30% and removes Debuffs. Recovery
Rank 3 Heals diminished HP of all allies by 50% and removes Debuffs. Recovery
Brilliant Detonation |
ブリリアントデトネーション (1/6)
Remove Stance(s) from all enemies and inflicts damage equal to 280% of Attack. Applies 2 Ignite effects for 4 turn(s).
Multiplier: 28%
Recommended Usage
Guila applies AOE Ignites and has a heal that's the same as blue King. However her skills have low damage scaling and she does not have any prominent use in game.
Recommended Gears
For main slot: ATK/DEF
Substats: ATK, DEF, HP


Demon's Blood | 魔神の血
Fills the Ultimate Move Gauge by 1 orb(s) at the start of the next turn if the hero doesn't take damage.


Misc. Info

Title & Name (JP)
聖騎士 ギーラ
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Age 16
Birthday 6 Dec
Height 165cm
Weight 53kg
Location Post Dara

Blood of Life

Glazed Chicken

Chicken Rice Ball with Butter