8 March 2023 Patch Notes

■ SSR [Divine Proxy] Ludociel of Flash
(click for ult animation)

■ UR/Lv.90 Gacha

■ New Artifact

If all allies in Demonic Beast battle are of the same race, increases Attack-related stats by 3/6/9/12/15%.

Cards obtainable from: Skoll and Hati battle, PVP shop, Yggdrasil exchange shop


1. GP animation improvement

2. You can now search for skills easier

3. Friendlist improvement

4. Recommended team now shows CP

■ Login Bonus

■ Special Mission

■ Hawk Event

Hammer obtainable from: main stage, free stage, SP dungeon, training grotto, tower of trials, event tower of trials, coin shop (gold coin for 2 hammers)

■ Step Up Missions

■ Chapter Clear Rewards

■ Final Boss Gloxinia and Drole

■ SP Dungeon reward dungeon part 2

■ PVP Win Bonus

Bonus PVP points (1.5x) for winning PVP

■ Brawl Reward Box

■ Growth Support Event part 2