9 June 2022 Patch Notes

■ SSR [Bride of the Snow Country] Princess Brunhild
(click for ult animation)

■ Relic

■ System Changes

■ Hero Road Improvement

■ Animation of Relic activation at the start of battle

■ You can now see what characters can have their ult levelled up

■ You can cook a max of 30 dishes at one time (previously 10)

■ Awakening material fusion improvement

■ Boss enemy HP will be marked out at every 10% interval

■ Autoing a stage will now display the cleared number of rounds

■ Event

■ GSSR Ticket Wishing Event

■ Event Final Boss Hawk

■ Whack a Hawk

Obtain the hammer from main stage, free stage, SP dungeon, training grotto, tower of trial and coin shop.

■ Ghost Leg

Obtain the token from boss battle, death match, knighthood boss battle, event boss battle and coin shop.

■ Special Mission

■ PVP Growth Event

Win games to obtain the rewards.

■ Event Boss Battle

Weakpoint effect is buffed across all ranks.
Rank 1: 80% -> 90%
Rank 2: 110% -> 120%
Rank 3: 170% -> 185%.