31 August 2022 Patch Notes

■ SSR [Re:ZERO] Witch of Greed Echidna
(click for ult animation)

■ SSR [Re:ZERO] The Master Swordsman Reinhard
(click for ult animation)

■ Banner

■ Relics

Crafting material will be given as present, obtained from event story quest, bingo board, event boss rewards

■ New Costumes

■ System Changes (important ones)

■ You can now check the Graces of units

■ Bulk purchase in shops

■ Bulk register exp potion

■ Bulk register SA token

■ Cook food on the spot

■ Event

■ Login Bonus

■ Special mission

■ Collab Event

■ Bingo

■ Event Boss The Great Rabbit

King Exchange

■ Bunch of growth support event
Rate up for level up, salvage, village shop open, 2x purchase limit from village shop, rank exp 2x, free revive in main story, 50% free stage AP refund, patrol skip ticket 2x, engrave 50% less fee

Hawk Pass