28 July 2022 Patch Notes

■ SSR [Twisted Darkness] Berserk Estarossa
(click for ult animation)

■ New Chapter - Chapter 24

■ New Costumes

■ Coin Shop fes unit (till 25 Aug)

3 Fes coins to exchange for Berserk Meliodas, Executioner Zeldris, Oath of Light Ludociel and Dual Swordsman Cusack

■ Global 2.5 Anni Artifact Cards

Increases damage dealt by a Demon race ally on other race enemies by 2/4/6/8/10% and decreases the damage received by 1/2/3/4/5%.
Card pack obtainable from: Hawk event, event boss challenge reward, Lamek exchange shop

■ Relic

■ System Changes (important ones)

■ Artifact set enhancement in batch

■ Costume upgrade animation speed will be increased

■ Custom rule for friendly PVP

■ You can now see the equipment selection ticket in equipment

■ Event

■ Global 2.5 Anniversary Login Event

■ Special mission (part 1)

■ King Exchange event (exchangeable item - material - exchange limit)

■ Blessing of Demon event

Level 4 and 5 will open on 4th and 11th August.

■ Wish Box event

Obtain wish box key by participating in Lamek event. You can choose 1 item from each step.

■ Lamek event

■ Hawk's Dream Adeventure event

Material obtainable from SP dungeon, boss battle, event boss battle, free stage, knighthood boss battle, training grotto and world tree (max 50/day)

Level reward

Exchange shop

■ Growth support event

Main quest 1 time free revive

Main and free stage AP 50% decrease

Player rank exp 2x boost

Success rate up for salvage and character enhancement

All village shop open

Double village shop purchase limit

[NEW] Concurrent death match defeat
During the event, if you have more than 1 active death match (only for Red/Gray/Howlex), defeating 1 of them will clear the other death match of the same boss

■ Lucky bag

You get 10 bonus diamond from opening all 6 bags. Only 3 tickets will be available for f2p (1 from mail box and 2 from event boss reward and exchange shop that will be available on 4th Aug), the other 3 tickets will be from purchasing lucky bag pack (490yen/pack).

■ Diamond rebate event

■ Others

Skoll and Hati are immune to Darkness effect of Berserk Estarossa