23 February 2023 Patch Notes

■ SSR <The Four Archangels> Mael of Sun
(click for ult animation)

■ New Costumes

■ Coin Shop Fes Exchange

■ New Artifact

Global 3rd year anniversary set: For every Goddess ally participating in battle, increases basic stats of allies by 1/1.5/2/2.5/3% (up to 3 times).

■ New Relics

Freyja: In Nidhoggr Demonic Beast battle, when the hero uses single target skills, remove the stance of the target enemy, and if the skill does damage, increases all stats of allies by 4% up to 5 times. In addition, if all allies in battle are of Goddess race, for every Goddess race ally, increases the hero's Attack-related stats by 10%, apply Goddess race onto the hero.

Iron Blood Mono: If all allies in battle are of The Seven Catastrophes characters, for every The Seven Catastrophes ally, increases The Seven Catastrophes allies' AOE attack damage by 5%.

■ New Chapter 26


1. Max player rank increased ffrom 100 to 110

2. Engraving system improvement

3. You can now see the ult level for the coins in coin shop

4. Knighthood join system

■ Login Bonus

■ Special Mission

■ Blessing of Angels Event

■ Goddess Lucky Card

Keys obtainable from main stage, fort solgres, boss battle, death match, knighthood boss battle, reverse stage, training grotto and tower of trials

■ Event Boss

■ Labyrinth Season 3

■ SP Dungeon reward dungeon

■ King Exchange

■ New Year Fes King Exchange Event

■ Growth Support Event

1. free reveive in main stage
2. main quest, free stage 50% AP off
3. Player rank EXP 2x
4. Enhance and salvage rate up
5. All shop open
6. Wanderer shop discount
7. Double the item purchase limit
8. Engraving 50% discount

■ New Year Fes Lucky Bag Event