KOF Collab Skills!

■ SSR [KOF '98] Terry Bogard
(click for ult animation)

■ SSR [KOF '98] Iori Yagami
(click for ult animation)

■ Collab Banner

At 300 pity you get a GSSR, at 600 pity you get to choose between the 2 new collab units.

There is also a cash banner where you can choose one out of the 4 old KOF collab units.

■ Collab Relics

6 new relics added for the collab units. To craft these relics, you do not have to farm the usual demonic beast Hraesvelgr. You can use the following material obtained from the various collab events to craft the relics.

■ Speical Missions

■ System Changes

1. Player rank increases from 80 to 90.

2. Account CC Buff added for:
6mil: increases HP by 12.5%
8mil: increases HP by 13%
10mil: increases HP by 14%
12mil: increases HP by 15%.

3. [Seven Constellations] system added.
Unlock the system when you have 80 or more units. It is a group-growth system that allows you to acquire additional buffs and stats as you collect and grow more characters. Access the page by clicking "Account Combat Class" button on character page. Unlock the next constellation by completing the previous one. When each of the constellation is completed, you get various rewards.

Use Growth Point [GP] to activate all stones [Red, Green, Blue] and Mana Stone in the constellation to get buffs. When the stone is activated, Attack, Defense and HP stats will be buffed. [GP] can be obtained when you:
Obtain a new unit
Evolve, Awaken, Super Awaken, level up the ultimate move
Obtain costumes

4. You can now skip animations on: Gear salvage/engrave, character evolve, awaken/SA, level up ult

5. Max limit for friendship coin removed