Gowther Boss Guide HELL (Global)

Gowther Boss Quick Info

● Attribute: Strength (red)

● There are 2 Phases to Gowther Boss

● Gowther deals 300% more damage to Demon clan heroes and another 300% more damage to heroes he has attribute advantage over (basically don't bring green units in)

● The Protectors will buff DEF and ATK in phase 1. The left Protector will taunt you in turn 3 (both phase 1 and phase 2); the taunt will last for 2 turns, therefore there’s a 1 turn window that you will not be taunted.

Commonly Seen Main Team Heroes

Commonly Seen Subslot Heroes

Possible Team Comps

Teams Main team Subslot
Lillia v1 or
Lillia v2 or
No Lillia or
Budget or or

Main Team Key Units Analysis

Unit Remark

Elihawk is one of the best damage dealers for Gowther boss, she deals amplifying damage on her first skill (30% damage for each buff). On her second skill, she cleanses all debuffs on herself on bronze and apply hardening (10% RES for 2 turns). On rank 2 and 3, she cleanses debuffs on all allies and applies hardening on them. Overall, she has fantastic damage potential due to debuffs being placed on your team constantly, and that her ultimate does very nice damage even on lvl 1. She has the utility of cleansing, buffing herself and nuking.
Lillia is almost a staple when it comes to consistent and easy clearing for higher difficulties, as she has AOE heal and debuff cleansing (rank 2 and 3) on her second skill. She comes in extremely important in phase 2 because of her AOE skill 1 and her ult, as you will need to damage all enemies in phase 2 every turn. Her unique is also very nice because it increases all allies’ penetration by 50% of her penetration when she joins the battle. Overall, Lillia is a solid choice that should be included on the team if you have her.
King's main purpose is to provide secondary cleansing and healing and chip down phase 1's health with his first skill. His AOE ult deals decent damage in phase 2.
Diane does good damage with AOE attack and since she has rupture (2x damage to buffed enemies), she is going to deal increased damage to Gowther in phase 1 at all times. By the time you get to phase 2, her unique would also have been already stacked, allowing her to dish out high damage on her ult. By having 2 AOEs on her skill and ult, she will come in handy in phase 2 to stop Gowther from full healing.
Guila is one of the budget choices for HELL clears. She packs utility with cleansing and healing, as well as an AOE skill and ult. Downside about Guila is that you will need decent gears for her to do nice damage compared to the other DPS options.
Arthur is another budget option alongside Guila. He has an AOE attack on S2 and his S1 deals decent single target damage.
Weinheidt has 2 skills that deals AOE damage and one of these removes stances on rank 2 and 3. It will be useful to remove the taunts on the protectors so your single target DPS can hit Gowther directly. Both of the AOE skills will be useful in phase 2 to prevent Gowther from full healing. His unqiue is also nice as it increases Penetration of the team by the end of every turn.

Sub Units Analysis

Unit Remark
Jericho's unique boosts all speed allies' attack-related stats by 10%, allowing for more DPS if you are lacking in the damage department.
Marmas boosts speed allies' HP by 30%, making your team tankier and with the introduction of the score system, you will get a higher score if you have higher leftover HP. Therefore, if you are doing fine in damage, your sub choice should be Marmas. In the event that your main team dies, Marmas also can provide 1 AOE damaging skill to save you from Gowther's full heal in phase 2.

Strategies and Tips (Elihawk, Lillia, King +1)

Phase 1

In the event that that you are not able to bring down Gowther before the left protector taunts, heal the units up and use King's ult to finish off phase 1, if King can’t finish, wait for the taunt to run out and use king’s attacks onto Gowther.

Ideally you should go in phase 2 with Elihawk and Lilia ult, with at least 1 Lilia AOE card. Elihawk's cleanse is good to have but not necessary.

Phase 2

Start your turn by ulting Gowther straight away with Elihawk and Lilia, throw away cards that you don’t need (King's petrification).

On turn 2, cleanse your debuff/top up your health if they are running low, use Lilia’s AOE.

After turn 2 it will become slightly more dependent on RNG. Build up Elihawk’s ult gauge while attacking all the enemies to prevent them from healing.