21st KOO P Dev Notes (25 June 2020)

We have a very special news to deliver to you with this Dev Note.

Previously, we announced that there would be a new collab coming soon and now we are releasing more information regarding the collaboration.

The upcoming update we have been preparing for will be a collaboration between...

[Grand Cross] x [Attack on Titans]

The characters from the worldwide famous anime Attack on Titans will appear in the world of Grand Cross and there will be world quests and various events during the collab.

1. [Grand Cross] x [Attack on Titans] World Quest

Unidentified species of titans are spawning in Britannia out of nowhere and members of the Survey Corps - Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman and Levi are in pursuit of them.

Players will be able to enjoy the story of the Survey Corps working together with the characters from Grand Cross to chase back the titans to their original world.

Are the three from the Survey Corps able to successfully return to their original world? Please play the story and world quest to find out more.

We sincerely hope that fans of the Grand Cross and Attack on Titans will be pleased with the characters and cutscenes that we have tried our best to reproduce to the match the quality of the anime.

2. [Attack on Titans] Characters

To commemorate the collaboration, we are releasing characters from the Survey Corps as new characters in game.

Powerful and brilliant skills that are based on the anime will be available to the characters.

In particular, There will be character with a special ultimate move that will stay true to the selling point of the anime, please look forward to it.

3. Titans Expulsion Battle

The [Titan Expulsion Battle] will allow players to select up to 8 characters and reclaim the bases that are occupied by the Titans. This is a new form of content.

[Titan Expulsion Battle] will be playable by advancing in the world quest.

Since there is a limited amount of characters you will be able to bring into the battle, we plan for this content to be more strategic.

Clearing the stages will grant you various event items and rewards.

4. Titan Extermination Battle

When speaking of [Attack on Titans], we often think of the Colossal Titan who attacked the tall walls with its overwhelming size.

In the [Titan Extermination Battle], the Colossal Titan will be making its appearance.

Clearing the last quest of the world quest will unlock the [Titan Extermination Battle]. Work together in a party of maximum 4 players to take down the Colossal Titan.

Defeating the Colossal Titan will drop items for exchange at the exchange shop.

Please don't shy away from challenging it!

5. Collaboration Commemorative Events

In addition to the collab contents, we have also prepared other events.

An Event Hawk Pass featuring costumes for the [Attack on Titans] characters and other items will be available.

In addition, there are events to acquire more character growth items.

I have briefly summarized the contents that will be available in the upcoming update.

The next update is scheduled for Monday, 29th June.

More details regarding the collab will be available on the 26th June, during the official broadcast, please stay tuned.

We wish to bring in more collaborations in the future so playrees will be able to enjoy and have fresh gameplays.

We look forward to your valuable feedback.

In the next Dev Note, we would like to share with you some refreshing information to keep you cooled in the upcoming hot and humid summer.

Thank you for your continuous support for Grand Cross.