22nd KOO P Dev Notes (8 July 2020)

We will share with you the plans for the upcoming summer event and future update and new contents.

1. Summer Vacation Quests Added

Introducing the Summer Vacation Quests with a newly added map and enemies.

One day, Meliodas proposes to the Sins that they should go for a vacation.

He has already done the preparation for the vacation, including the cost of the vacation.

The Sins make their way towards Port Town Solva.

However, what awaits them at Solva are villages living in fear and roaming pirates.

What did the Sins meet in Solva and are they able to solve the issues and enjoy their vacation?

Please enjoy the upcoming story.

2. Summer Vacation Event

Up until now, we have been adding special tavern furniture that matches the seasonal event.

This summer again, we have prepared cute and cooling summer themed furniture for players.

A full set of summer themed furniture can be earned from logging in as well as the NORMAL rewards from Hawk Pass.

Transform your tavern into a cosy place by the sea and enjoy the furniture buffs.

And with summer, we have prepared another event item.

And that is... Swimsuit costumes!

For the 2020 summer event, we plan to add new summer costumes for other characters alongside the summer costumes that were released last year.

Please check out the 16 July patch to find out what characters will be getting the costumes!

In addition, we will hold another bingo event with various rewards.

We hope that the event will be useful for players who are having trouble with character growth.

3. New Contents Added

There has not been a Final Boss event for a while since the Event Final Boss Battle that was held during the part 2 of the Anniversary Celebration. Therefore, it is finally time for the regular Final Boss Battle to be back.

The Final Boss for this round will be Ban.

Ban Boss has a slightly more difficult attack pattern that is draws characteristics from Ban himself and his skills. He will also appear together with a powerful helper.

Please enjoy the new Final Boss Battle.

In addition, the [Tower of Challenge] that was added in June will be ending soon.

As mentioned in previous Dev Notes, the tower will be updated regularly to give materials for Super Awakening.

Also, Awakened Lillia raid will also make its appearance again.

In the [Disaster Battle], new characters will also stage as bosses.

We also plan to improve on the inconvenient exchange shop that we had during the last event.

In the new exchange shop, you will be able to get costumes for the [Seven Disasters] members.

Finally, a new PVP mode [Grand Brawl] will also be implemented soon.

Previously, we have introduced the mode with a simple rule - you will directly select an opponent and if you win, you will take over their rank. The brawl team will be formed by many units.

Combat skip functions and replay are also planned to be implemented.

4. Direction of Future Updates and Current Game State

Grand Cross has always been continuously adding new contents but we recognize that there are still a lot of room for improvement.

Various battle contents such as [Final Boss Battle], [PVP], [Knighthood Battle] are scheduled to be held sequentially to lessen the burden on the players and to reduce duplication of content as much as possible.

In the future, we will continue to improve on existing contents and prepare exiciting new contents for players and strive for player satisfaction.

First, we plan to have a new ranking battle for players who enjoy playing with different teams in PVP Ungeared.

Although the official name has yet to be decided, what we plan to do is to add a new ranking battle with rewards, and rules to make the battle more fair for players.

To give an example of such rule, "during the ranking battle, Super Awakening and costume status effect will not be activated" can be one of the rules. Or the current PVP Geared rule that reads "Base SR and R rarity characters will get a boost in their stats" can be a possible rule too.

We are also considering to create more diverse PVP Geared rule in addition to the changes to PVP Ungeared. Please look forward to it.

Lastly, we have received a lot of opinions regarding the Super Awakening System from everyone. The development team is working on it.

To make full use of the Super Awakening system, you will need to have a high ultimate level of the character. Many have feedback that this way of doing it bring in less satisfaction and it is difficult.

To address the concern of players that the new Super Awakening system is a burden, we plan to continuously add [Super Awakening Coin], [GSSR Ticket] and various gacha tickets to many events so to reduce the burden brought by the new system on the players.

However, we are still aware that this is still not enough for players to fully enjoy the game, therefore we will strive to improve even more in the future.