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Derieri of Purity

Basic Info


Unit Rating


Level 1 Base Stats
Combat Class/CP 3855
Attack 560
Defense 350
HP 7000
Pierce Rate 25%
Resistance 50%
Regeneration 0%
Crit Chance 5%
Crit Damage 120%
Crit Resistance 40%
Crit Defense 20%
Recovery Rate 110%
Lifesteal 10%
Level 80 ★6 6/6 Stats
Combat Class/CP 23753
Attack 5241
Defense 3250
HP 58265
Pierce Rate 29.5%
Resistance 54.5%
Regeneration 2%
Crit Chance 8%
Crit Damage 127.5%
Crit Resistance 43%
Crit Defense 27.5%
Recovery Rate 113%
Lifesteal 12%

Associated with


Darkness Hand | ダークネス・ハンド "闇の手"
Rank 1 Inflicts damage equal to 240% of Attack on one enemy. Attack
Rank 2 Inflicts damage equal to 360% of Attack on one enemy. Attack
Rank 3 Inflicts damage equal to 600% of Attack on one enemy. Attack
Injection | インジェクション "暗黒付与"
Rank 1 Increases basic stats by 20% for 2 turn(s). Attack
Rank 2 Increases basic stats by 30% for 2 turn(s). Evades when attacked for 1 turn(s). Attack
Rank 3 Increases basic stats by 50% for 3 turn(s). Evades when attacked for 1 turn(s). Attack
Combo Star |
コンボスター "連撃星" (1/6)
Inflicts Amplify damage equal to 630% of Attack on one enemy.
Multiplier: 63%
Recommended Usage
Derieri is a top tier single target nuker PVE unit with decent viability in PVP. Her Unique/Passive allows her to stack attack buffs for her Ultimate Move to deal massive damage against bosses such as the Crimson Demonic Beast and Guild Boss.
Since her first skill is a pure attacking skill, the multiplier for the skill is the highest (similar to green Meliodas). Her second skill gives herself very nice basic stats boost and she gains Evasion for 1 turn starting from rank 2. She sets herself up for the Ultimate Move when she buffs with her second skill and then use the attack skill. Even with just a rank 1 buff, she is guaranteed 4 (3 from the skill and 1 from Unique) buffs, making her Ultimate Move's multiplier at Rank 1 to be 750%. Overall, Derieri is a solid unit to have, she is capable of soloing bosses too.
Recommended Gears
Attack build: ATK/DEF
Substats: ATK, DEF, HP
As Derieri has low base Crit Rate, a Crit build does not work on her, therefore going for pure Attack is the best build.


Battle Power | 戦力
Increases Attack by 10% When the hero uses a skill. The Buff goes away when no skills are used on the turn. (Limit 10 time(s))


Commandment of Purity | 「純潔」の戒禁
Decreases the damage dealt by ranged attacks of allies and enemies in PVP by 35%. (Applies when entering battle, does not affect Ultimate Moves)


Misc. Info

Title & Name (JP)
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Age 377
Birthday 30 Oct
Height 162cm
Weight 62kg
Location Unknown

Pepper Grilled Chicken Wings